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    Moving Tips
    Make a comprehensive moving checklist and an approximate moving budget
    Find a reputed moving company
    Notify who you need about your move
    Specify the moving date beforehand
    Book extra packages. It’s all the better to return unused stuff rather than encounter lack of boxes or foil
    Don’t hesitate to reuse free packing materials
    Sell all unneeded items. The more you sell before, the less you’ll have to pack on the moving day
    Try to negotiate with the same foreman. It reduces the chance of missing something to a minimum
    Ask beforehand whether or not the movers are capable of disassembling your furniture
    Remember that moving companies can’t transport hazardous and flammable materials, ammunition and explosives
    Describe your stuff meticulously. The cost depends on it
    Define the place where you will place the packages with your belongings. The boxes should be not heavier than 60 pounds
    Mark the boxes from the same room with one color. It will make the search at a new place easier. It would be better if you put the list of items on every box.
    Pack all essential stuff into a box and make sure it’s placed in the truck last
    Pack all valuable items, jewelry and documents to a separate box and keep hold on it
    Make the unloading and placement plan
    Find out if you are eligible for the compensation for relocation
    Don’t plan you moving during a peak season
    Enjoy your move with a trusted moving company
    Packing Tips
    Make a packing plan
    Wrap all fragile items, including bowl shades into a bubble and Scotch tape
    Use film for any items to protect them from dust
    Seal all boxed properly with a Scotch tape
    Clothes, blankets, plaids, curtain should be packed into large polyethylene, canvas or paper packages
    Pack the bare necessities such as toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, clothes and keep them separately from other boxes
    Divide you clothes on undergarment, t-shirts, sizable clothes, shirts, jeans & trousers, outwear, hats & scarfs. Pack all unnecessary clothes first
    Place large objects on the bottom of the box, and place all light items on the top
    Separate the equipment from the wires. Attach the wires directly to the TV, PC, etc. with a packing tape
    Major appliances should be packed into the original package. If you don’t have it, wrap them with foil
    If you disassemble furniture and other items, make sure to attach all parts to the main base
    Books should be packed into separate boxes
    Mark every box
    If you have kids, pack their toys last. That way you will unload them first
    If you don’t want to deal with packing hassle, boor the turnkey moving service
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