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    Each of us has dealt with home move in San Francisco, or Los Angeles, California, at least once. Thus, everyone knows for sure that it’s a troublesome case that disrupts normal routine for a while and gets out of hand easily. And it’s true! Not only is it necessary to collect and pack up a lot of stuff but also to disassemble furniture, take care of the preservation of fragile and valuable things, arrange the time with a residential moving company and the movers. One must agree, it is very easy to miss or overlook something. That is why in recent times, more and more people who have to move, opt for New Star Movers. We are the company that provides top-quality moving services. So, why look any further?

    Why New Star Movers? It’s simple!

    New Star Movers is the company that carries out various haulage services. We can solve any & all problems related to your home move. Our team consists of experienced pros only. Once you call us and set an appointment, our specialists will come straight out to handle the organization of your move and will keep it under a full control from start to finish. You only need to specify the terms and time when your belongings should be moved! We value our customers’ time, and so we are ready to offer a number of additional residential moving services, including:

    • Preparation for the move: disassembling & packing of the stuff – loading & transportation itself
    • Special transport if required (all terms are stipulated with managers)
    • Preparation and transporting of electronics, home appliances, etc.
    • After moving home and unpacking the stuff, all garbage will be removed from the apartment by our residential movers.

    Trust us with your home moving service

    Residential moves consist of several milestones. Each of them is of a great importance. And the first important step is to prepare the furniture, equipment and other things, get them packed (includes special packing of fragile and valuable things). Quality and professional packaging will protect your belongings from accidental damage during loading /unloading and transportation. The packaging requires a sufficient time and should be done beforehand. But don’t you worry! We will make sure that everything is packed and marked properly and thus nothing can interrupt the moving process. For this purpose, we will gladly provide you with all necessary materials – paper, film, cardboard boxes, packing tape, etc. Want us to pack everything for you quickly and professionally? No problem! Our specialists are available for packing services as well. They do it expertly and with the utmost accuracy. All in all, we are a number-one company that serves San Francisco and Los Angeles! Moving home promptly and affordably is no longer a problem with us in the corner. So, stop searching for “moving services company near me” and book your apartment move with us! You will find that the entire process can be absolutely hassle-free.

    Forget about all the hassle with our residential moving company

    Another piece of great news? When ordering residential moving services with us, you can rest assured knowing that our moving trucks are well-prepared for the preservation of furniture, appliances and other belongings. Their walls are covered with a soft material that protects stuff during the transportation. All loading /unloading operations are carried out carefully and efficiently – have no doubts about it. When the move is complete, our movers will help you with unpacking and placing of the furniture and removing the garbage. The pros have a wealth of hands-on skills and expertise to handle even the transportation of large or non-standard items, such as musical instruments. We employ only qualified and experienced specialists that can perform all necessary works in the apartment in a quick and qualitative way. Isn’t it a relief that moving home can be such a breeze? We take each project seriously and pay a thorough attention to all wishes and nuances. Home moving services require a professional approach. Therefore, our company uses only modern equipment and reliable transport. After all, the apartment move in cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco is a pretty serious task. But it’s not a problem for us to bring the furniture into the apartment, or rearrange it – we do it quickly and carefully. Our trucks can move your stuff safely. A safe and dependable home move requires a high-level of professionalism in the domain of freight. A home moving company must meet all ongoing needs of the customers and provide quality services in and around the city. And we are the best bet on this market! So, don’t hesitate to entrust your needs to us and we will take care of the rest.

    We Care About Our Customers

    Our complete residential moving services include:

    Learn more about furniture shipment

    We have moving trucks of different capacities. But as a rule, light-duty trucks are used. The thing is that residential moving is not only about the move to another city or state. Oftentimes, people just move from one apartment to another. If that’s your case, you can rely on us, too! All vehicles are clean, equipped with special belts and fastenings to prevent damage during the transportation. It’s not always necessary to move a lot of stuff but only to transport large household appliances or furniture. And we are here to help in any case. Getting a pro home moving service is as easy as calling us!

    Any questions? Call us off the bat!

    Our specialists can provide you with all necessary information. It’s easy to schedule any service here. It only takes a quick phone call! After consulting with our manager, you just book your home moving in Los Angeles or San Francisco as well as other additional services. Moving home can be easy and stress-free when organized by professional home movers. So, get in touch with us! We are not newbies in this business and happy to be of service when and where you want it. Whatever residential service you might need, feel free to turn to New Star Movers.
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