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    Even if you are planning to move to the neighboring street, there might be a lot of questions. Wondering how to organize the process with a minimal risk to break, forget or lose something? When it comes to moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or San Jose, California, or contra, some people can even fall into a state of panic. But it’s not all that bad! Today, it’s far easier to move the belongings to another town than it was ten years ago. Time for long-distance moving? It is crucial to plan everything the right way. First of all, you need to check out all your clothes, furniture, household appliances, and only leave the things you really need. In most cases, moving home is a great opportunity to get rid of old junk that can be sold or thrown away. Many people are concerned about the transportation costs. So, you should keep in mind that it depends directly on the weight and volume of your belongings. Household stuff transportation is usually carried out by vehicles of different capacities. Thus, the other thing to do is to figure out which kind of truck to order. Don’t want to wrestle with the subject? Then turn to New Star Movers! We are a trusted company with a solid reputation in the field. Once you call us, our representative will be there to calculate an approximate volume of the stuff, define an appropriate vehicle and offer you the best way of packing and loading.

    How to select the right moving company

    There are a plenty of long distance moving companies in your area. They offer turnkey services and promise to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. So, the possibilities to send home stuff over from San Francisco or San Jose to Los Angeles and contra vary a lot. These companies are roughly divided into two groups:

    • Teams of movers that transport everything and all
    • Licensed moving companies that specialize in well-organized relocations

    We belong to the second group. The advantage of our company is that we don’t only provide the moving transport but also the services of movers. Moreover, our employees can also pack your belongings and load/ unload them. Naturally, our services also include the unloading and lifting of your stuff to a new apartment or office. With us, arranging such a serious event as move is no longer a hassle.

    For experienced movers long distance isn’t a problem. They arrive before a scheduled time, pack the electronics, glassware, mirrors and other stuff that is fragile or requires careful transportation. Feel assured, our trucks are perfect for long distance moving. Your stuff is well-protected from weather impact or occasional damage. All your valuable things will be safely wrapped in the blankets and padding for extra protection. Don’t worry – we are well-aware of all nuances of long distance moving between Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. So, we use tried and trusted vehicles only. Plus, we are responsible for the damage of your belongings. Not all companies out there treat their customers that well.

    Another means of transporting your belongings are containers. They are durable and can get through harsh weather conditions. This option is more budget-friendly. It is perfect for the families or individuals that don’t need their stuff shipped directly. The container is loaded with your stuff only.

    There is no reason to be afraid of moving home! Nowadays, it’s a usual thing. Every day, hundreds of families move to new places, carrying furniture, household appliances, goods and chattels. Precisely because moving houses aren’t that rare, there are a large number of companies that are taking over the full organization of the move. The moving companies for long distance mainly offer a standard set of services for both office and apartment moves. The difference is only in packing and marking technology. Want to entrust your belongings to trusted experts in the field? The look no further than New Star Movers!

    We Care About Our Customers

    Our complete long distance moving services include:

    Moving home is done at a good price

    Only a few years ago, the prices for the services of long distance moving companies were pretty high. Not everyone could afford them and thus turned to the first comers. Oftentimes, the result was far from desirable. Today, the competition in this domain is quite severe. That’s why we keep our rates amongst the lowest in the area. Another positive thing about hiring our company is that you get a detailed upfront estimate. That way you know the exact amount you should pay beforehand. Have no doubts – there will be no extra charge, no hidden fees. The preparation for the moving home starts with the visit of our foreman. You only have to choose a convenient date and time and we’ll take care of the rest! Our in-home estimator calculates the price of the move based on the following factors: · weight of the items · requested additional services · distance of the move
    Long distance moving rates are calculated the following way. We minus the weight of the moving truck when it’s empty from the weight of the truck with the belongings. You receive a quote that is custom-tailored to your particular move. The foreman clarifies all details of the move, evaluates the cargo, makes a clear working plan and provides a written estimate. On a scheduled day, our pro movers arrive and get to work: they disassemble the furniture, pack home decorations, household appliances, goods and chattels. They load all stuff in a specially equipped and prepared moving transport.
    Furniture and belongings are arranged in the new premises, according to a previously agreed plan. You should pay us only after all unload jobs are done and all the stuff is placed right. That is what we call an ideal long distance moving service! So, make sure to give us a call to discuss all options right away. Considered as one the most professional teams in the Greater Los Angeles area, we know how to make your move nothing but a breeze!
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